This Race Has No Finish Line

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    There was a time when fashion wasn't all about competing to see who has better style, pitting celebrities against each other to see "who wore it best". It wasn't all about who wore the most designer clothing, or who was lucky enough to get snapped by a street style photographer.

    There was a time when fashion was an art. A true, true art. Where you wore what you wanted simply because you wanted to, not because you needed to impress society as a whole. There was a time when fashion was all about expression, not impression. Where did that time go? Why was it whisked away? Why did the label-hungry and the style-less wealthy take over with outfits straight from the runway—not even styled differently to show personality?

    There was a time when fashion blogging wasn't all about materialism. Now, fashion blogging is a competition of who can gain the most followers and the most traffic. A competition of who could work with the most brands—the more renowned the brands, the better. A competition of who could profit the most. A competition of who has better style among bloggers.

    There was a time when fashionistas blogged simply because they loved it, they loved fashion, they loved writing, and they wanted to share it.

    Fashion has been formed into a competition. This competition will forever be sans winner. There can't be a winner of a competition that shouldn't even be a competition. It shouldn't work that way; it can't work that way. This competition has a grand prize of, of what? Pride. You make the most money out of all bloggers? Pride. You "have the best style out of all the bloggers"? Pride. What does this pride mean though, why must you have it? Yes fashion is about taking pride in what you're wearing. But when we all first started our blogs, it wasn't about winning pride, it was about doing it because we love it.

    We take our cameras out into the public and take pictures of ourselves, seeming extraordinarily narcissistic to those who don't know what we are doing that for, because we love it. We spend precious time choosing the best pictures and editing them and carefully crafting a well-written post because we love doing it. We engage with fellow fashionistas because it's a community, not because we want to gain traffic in a fake manner. At least that is how it was.

    There have been articles written over the last few years exclaiming that blogging is dying! No, blogs and bloggers are not dying. We are all simply just losing this pointless competition we subconsciously created for ourselves. For every blog that drops out of the race, five more are created. At first, they are running because they love it, because it's fun for them. Then, they realize that it is a serious "competition", and they pick up the pace, trying to keep up with the big dogs that have been in the head of the pack since 2008.

    This race to be the best is unlike any other race. This is no 100-meter dash, or even a distance marathon with a clear finish line, a clear winner. This race doesn't have a finish line. 

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Enjoying Fashion Week at Home!

Well, Fashion Week is here. If your invitation to sit front row at your favorite shows was lost somewhere in the mail, fear not, you can still enjoy the runway shows in your own home.

Are you sad you won’t get to live Tweet and Instagram the hottest looks sent down the runway? Well, you can stream just about every runway show live online at http://www.mbfashionweek.com/live. Stream whatever shows your fashionista heart desires.

The Essentials for Fashion Week at Home:

Your iPhone (or other smart phone)

As mentioned above, make sure to live Tweet and Instagram your reactions to the collections, and your favorite looks sent down the catwalk. Don’t forget to hashtag #MBFW, #FW14, and the designer.  (image from freshnessmag.com)

A Notebook and Pen

No, this isn’t college all over again, but a notebook sure will come in handy. Why wait for magazines to tell you the latest trends when you can document them yourself while watching the shows. Keep a notebook and pen near you to keep track of the trends you love, what you see (colors, patterns, materials, et cetera) come down the runway most often, along with your favorite collections. (image from underaglasssky.com)

A Fabulous Pair of Loungewear

Sure you’re watching the shows from the comfort of your own home, but that doesn’t mean fashion has to take a vacation. Sport some adorable loungewear or pajamas, along with a pair of slippers. You won’t be dashing through the streets of New York to make it to the shows, but a cute pair of slippers never hurt anyone. These Rag & Bone joggers paired with the Topshop crew neck sweatshirt are equally comfy, casual, and cute. (Image from http://bellalurosa.polyvore.com/)

Spa Essentials

While you’re at home, lounging around and watching the shows, you might as well pamper yourself. Combine Fashion Week and Spa Week with facemasks, hair treatments, and nail polish. (Image from http://bellalurosa.polyvore.com/)

Yes, you’ll be missing out on the real-deal, wild, crazy, exhilarating, tiring Fashion Week experience, but, hey, at least you’ll be comfortable! 

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What a Concept...

A close guy friend recently asked me, "Alyssa, why do you go through the trouble of putting on makeup everyday, painting my nails, doing my hair, and dressing nice for school everyday? Guys don't even notice all of that effort girls put in to look good for school."

My face looked something like this... 

Maybe, just maybe, girls "go through the trouble" of doing all of those things, not to impress a boy, but because we actually want to do something for ourselves

What a concept!!!!

Yes I wake up about two hours earlier than necessary in the morning to primp and prime before school. I don't do all of those things to impress a high school boy. I do all of those things because I want to be put together, presentable, and fashionable. Not for others, but for myself. It is amazing how much better I feel about myself when I try to look good. 

No it isn't necessary to do this. Some girls don't and are perfectly happy, which is great! For me personally, if I look good, then I feel good. Its science- trust me. 

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Fashionable Philanthropy with Angela & Roi

Though my schedule is always busy, giving back to charity is something I try to save time for. I am always looking for ways to give back so it is no wonder that I fell in love with Angela & Roi the second they approached me about their company.

After sending me an email explaining their company and their cause, I decided I wanted to write a little bit about them and their mission.

What is Angela & Roi
Angela & Roi is an online handbag brand founded by Angela and Roi Lee. The company was created on a strong foundation of morals. Rather than worrying about nothing other than profit, Angela & Roi focuses on customers, and charities.

With Angela & Roi, there is no need to break the bank for a new handbag. They sell classic, yet chic, handbags at reasonable prices.  Another cool thing about the company is that all of their handbags are made with vegan leather.

How is Angela & Roi Philanthropic, and Why Are They SO Unique?
You’ve noticed that I’ve mentioned a few times that Angela & Roi gives back to charity, but you’re probably wondering how. A portion from each handbag sold is donated to a cause.

But, “what charity?” you ask. Well, because of their Donate by Color mission, it depends on the hue of the bag.

Angela & Roi emphasizes the energetic and vivid color of their handbags. Each color is linked with a different charity. 

For example, Colon Cancer traditionally corresponds with the color blue. When someone purchases a blue bag (much like this super cute cross body) five dollars would be donated to benefit a colon cancer charity called Colon Cancer Alliance.

With each handbag comes a ribbon of the color of the bag, to further signify the cause it supports and to raise awareness about the cause.

Whether you purchase a handbag of your favorite color, or you purchase a handbag that is linked to your charity of choice- your purchase will be used for a good cause.

This sounds like fashionable philanthropy if you ask me.

So, in summation: Angela & Roi handbags are chic, vegan, and philanthropic.

Check out my favorite styles of handbags (above), and a list of the charities Angela & Roi supports and their corresponding colors (below).

Also, make sure to check out their amazing handbags at angelaroi.com/

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